Frequently Asked Questions
for curious visitors, fans and developers

Every day, curious gamers and developers ask us the same questions. Here’s a list of common questions and answers. We will frequently update the FAQ with the reflected changes as games are announced and released. If your question isn’t answered, please get in touch with us.

Note: Due to time restraints and overwhelming emails, we will no longer reply to emails or direct messages if your question is answered in the list below. We apologize for any inconvenience. We want to finish at least one game this century. 😛

Last Updated: Sept 2022

List of Questions and Answers

Are you developing a game or a Unity/Unreal Asset?
We plan to develop several games; however, we are enjoying the experimental game development and prototyping phase. Therefore, we are not in a rush to release unfinished products or alpha releases. Additionally, there are no plans to release our tech as an asset.

Will you sell your Vehicle System, Soft-Mesh, or Damage System as a Unity/Unreal Asset?
We have not made plans to release any of our tech to the public. Mainly because we wouldn’t have time to support developers using it AND make our games; after reading some of the Unity Forums with support from asset creators, it looks like a full-time job.

Can I license your tech (as-is) to make my game without support?
Can I have your tech for free for educational purposes?
Will you explain how (any feature) works in detail?

No, not at the moment. The current focus is developing games and internal tools/tech to create them faster. Possibly, in the future, once the studio has grown, we may release the tech and tools to the public. However, our YouTube videos may reveal some techniques in upcoming content.

When are you going to post another video on YouTube?
It usually depends on the time restraints and progress made. However, it has been brought to our attention that many viewers enjoy watching our driving and destruction videos. As a result, we may start creating videos more frequently. Who knows, if we gain millions of subscribers, we could give some games and prototypes away for free. 🙂

Will you please make tutorials on YouTube or teach me how to make games?
There are already many tutorials online and on YouTube available for free.

What is the game’s name, and when is it coming out?
Currently, we have not announced any games or release dates yet. Everything is still in early development. We exposed our studio to the public early to show gamers and developers our progression as we create new games. We hope to build better and more engaging games using feedback from our followers on social media.

Where can I buy the game? Where can I download the game(s)?
We are still in early development. Our videos on social media demonstrate our in-house Tech (Soft-Mesh, Vehicle System, Advance Ragdoll, etc.) capabilities. Unfortunately, tech Demos are no longer available due to misuse and leaks. From this point on, our current and upcoming releases will only be available in online stores (Early Access). Follow us on social media so you don’t miss it when we release it.

What are the target platforms for your games? (Xbox, Playstation, Mobile, Windows, Mac, etc.)
We are planning on releasing games on as many platforms as possible. We still have to get indie programs and publishers’ approval for consoles before some games are released. Games will be released earlier for PC unless they are console-exclusive. This reason is also why we exposed our game studio early. If we have many followers on our social media accounts, it shows the publishers and distributors there is an interest in our content. So, if you haven’t already, please follow us and tell your friends about what we’re creating. Many thanks to everyone who is currently following us.

Will the game be released on mobile phones and tablets? (iOS, Android, etc.)
Eventually, we plan to release games for most mid to high-end mobile devices; however, we only target devices released in the last 2 to 3 years. If you have an older phone/tablet, our games will either run slow or will not be released/supported on that device. We are attempting to make mobile games that feel and look more high-end visually, and we can’t do that on older devices.

Will your mobile game(s) be free?
Prices are not determined yet. However, we do not want ad-based revenue or ads cluttering the mobile experience, so we are looking at all revenue alternatives, including Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass.

How much will the game(s) cost?
We have not announced any games, release dates, or prices yet.

Will the game be released on Steam, Epic Games Store, or other online game stores?
Short answer. Yes. Long answer: we have plans to release our games on PC and Mac, but depending on the game and possibly deals with distributors, it is uncertain which storefront will be used for each game.

What game engine are you using to make games?
We made our early concepts/prototypes in Unity. Find out more about Unity.
Currently, we are transitioning to the Unreal Engine. Find out more about Unreal Engine.

What programming language do you use?
C#, C++, Python, and MelScript for Custom Maya plugins.

Can I help you make your game? A partnership?/ Are you hiring? / Do you have internships?
No. We are still establishing ourselves as a company, and it’s too early to hire, partner, or accept unpaid help.

Is there a beta to download? Will there be beta testing?
We discontinued External Alpha and Beta Testing due to leaks and misuse of content until further notice. Therefore, we will rely on Early Access for current and upcoming titles.

Will your game be a vehicle and crash simulator since you use Softbody Physics?
No. Softbody physics is CPU intensive, limiting the types of games we can create. We designed our damage system using an alternative approach to soft-body physics. We call it soft-mesh. Our Vehicle Damage System will hopefully have crashes similar to real life. Still, the most significant difference is we are making sim-arcade-like games, NOT a driving or crash simulator. We are not trying to recreate or clone existing games out there.

Will your game be multiplayer?
To be determined. We may add online multiplayer features in the future.

Will the vehicles be customizable?
To a certain extent, yes. It is still too early in development to provide details on this.

Will the game have MOD support?
Yes, some games will, but not planned for the first game.

Will the game have a controller or steering wheel support?
We currently have gamepad controller support, and we may add steering wheel support, but it is not planned for the first game. However, we will implement it once we have finished integration and thoroughly test it.

How long will it take to finish your game?
We will let you know after we release the first one. 😛

I like what Studio Tatsu is doing. How can I support and help?
Follow us on social media, give us valuable post feedback, and tell your friends about us.

Do you have a Patreon, Kickstarter, or Indiegogo account for donations?
No. All of our game development is 100% self-funded. We prefer people to purchase something they can play with, not donate to its idea. That way, gamers know what they’re getting without broken promises or deadlines. We have considered starting a Patreon account to allow supporters to play our demos.

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