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Break is over 1913 1076 Studio Tatsu

Break is over

Two-year hiatus is over—time to get back to work on making games and content.

Unity or Unreal Engine? 2560 1440 Studio Tatsu

Unity or Unreal Engine?

Details about the latest Updates and choosing between Unreal Engine and Unity.

Vehicle Damage System 2560 1440 Studio Tatsu

Vehicle Damage System

More Progress on Soft-Mesh Vehicle Damage and Destruction System and better stability.

How Powerful is Physx in Unity? 1920 1080 Studio Tatsu

How Powerful is Physx in Unity?

Created a destruction and vehicle damage stress test to evaluate PhysX in Unity performance.

Unreal Engine 5: A New Hope 2560 1440 Studio Tatsu

Unreal Engine 5: A New Hope

Unreal Engine 5 has grown to be more indie developer friendly. Maybe now is the time to switch.


Showing off gone wrong!

Another snippet from the full video available on our YouTube Channel. 

#madeinunity #gamedev #indiegame #drifting
Vehicle Damage and Destruction updated. Full Video on my YouTube Channel and Website. Link in bio. 

#gamedev #indiegame #racing #madeinunity
Slow motion Drifting, AI vehicles in kill mode. Fun Times. 

#indiegame #gamedev #videogames #drift
Latest updates with destruction and modding. 

#gamedev #indiegame #bttf
Monster Trucks game prototype, more revisions. Trucks are now heavier. Vehicle destruction improved. 

This prototype does not represent the final look of the game. 

Titles and release dates have not been announced yet. 

Planned for multiple platforms. 

#monstertruck #monsterjam #videogames #ps5 #xboxseriesx #applearcade
Haven't posted in a while - starting development again. This is a prototype made over the weekend to test our current physics and destruction system. Still a work in progress. 

 Note: This is only a prototype, not our official game. No release dates or titles announced. 

#gamedev #indiegamedev #indiegame #monstertruck #monsterjam
Can the parts break off the Monster Trucks? Yes. Yes they can. 

#monstertruck #destruction #physics #vehicles #videogames #indiegame
We optimized the physics to handle more destruction. 😈 

No estimated release dates or titles yet, planning to develop games for mobile, consoles and PC. Prices are not determined yet. 

#videogames #indiegame #gamedev #monstertruck
Working on the modding system. Insane Wheel Experiment - Too many wheel drive. 😅

 #videogames #indiedev #indiegame
Added soft-mesh tires to all vehicles and reworked the solid axles. Still a WIP. This is for my monster truck followers. I haven’t forgotten you. 😉Excuse the reckless driving, just testing the axles.
Updated our Soft-Mesh Damage Physics. Tested with an Unstoppable 8 wheeled Tank Destroyer. More improvements are coming.
We finally relocated and settled in. Here’s our latest experiment with vehicles and our soft mesh tech.  #gamedev
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