Volumetric Wheel Collider

Volumetric Wheel Collider

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Creating a Next-Gen Wheel Collider

Here’s a closer look at the Volumetric Wheel Collider. This video shares a little insight into my pipeline workflow and a glimpse of my proprietary tools. Comparing my wheel collider to wheel collider solutions by other vehicle systems from Unity’s Asset Store helps illustrate the challenges I faced and overcame during development.

It’s still not perfect, but it’s a great start.

If you’ve created a custom wheel collider or planning to develop one, try the challenges shown in the video. Simple racing games can ignore many of these challenges. However, overcoming the wheel collider challenges will be beneficial if you plan on using wheels in an open-world game, offroad, or Monster Truck game.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates. Unfortunately, Covid delayed the production schedule big time. Luckily, the world is recovering and ready to start working again.

Feels good to be back. 🙂

Note: This tech is for internal use; it is currently not for sale or licensing.

  • Super Cool
    I wish if I was your student or intern. I want to learn this too.

  • Hello sir
    From what I see from the video, some kind of a custom built cylinder collider could have been used….I guess
    I hope you won’t mind sharing that small piece of info
    And if that is the case, I will be really glad if you could just guide me how you had created it, using blender or probuilder or whatever.
    Now I very well know that there are a lot of people with a “copy paste” mentality and probably that’s the reason you don’t have your project open source
    I am also working really hard trying to find a solution to the default wheel collider and it appears to me that only somewhat of a Cylinderical shape collider can fix this issue.
    I’m no one to interfere with your decision, but if you can just guide me with this small information it can be a big step ahead in my project
    Thanks a lot in advance sir
    And btw, are you planning to start any tutorial series on your channel in the future?

    • I do not have plans to create tutorials. The colliders are dynamically created in Unity at runtime based on the shape of the Wheel.

  • Oh, sad to hear you do not have plans to make tutorials.
    I see, well I’ll have to figure it out how you do it. thanks for the reply anyway
    Good luck for your game

  • Thank you for the video, been through all of these challenges.

  • From where did you learn everything about game Dev.. Could please tell me, so that I can follow your learning path

    • When it comes to learning about Game Development (specifically in Unity), most of my knowledge has been gained by watching many YouTube videos and studying various assets on the Unity Asset Store and GitHub repositories. Through experimentation and trying out different approaches, I have been able to discover new techniques, even when others have said it was impossible. As a self-taught software developer, I believe that learning how to program first has been extremely beneficial for me before diving into Game Development.

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