Drifting, Crashing, and Crushing Vehicles

Drifting, Crashing, and Crushing Vehicles

Drifting, Crashing, and Crushing Vehicles 2560 1440 Studio Tatsu

Creating Destructive Vehicles with Free Sketchfab Vehicles in Unity

To prepare for the possibility of modding with my games, I decided to download and import Free Sketchfab Vehicle Models and make them drivable and destructible. I haven’t worked with Maya for a few months, so revising these models was a great refresher.

During revisions, I wrote several new MelScripts for Maya to optimize the models and improve the pipeline workflow to Unity (and any other game engine). Models from 3D libraries and websites are not always “Game Ready” and usually need many revisions and optimizations to work correctly and optimally in game engines. Another objective was to simulate softbody-like damage using soft-mesh tech with the minimum performance hit. Soft-mesh worked extremely fast; however, Unity’s PhysX was the bottleneck due to calculating normals.

I separated, cleaned, and named the meshes for destruction. In some cases, more geometry was required to fill in holes and missing faces; the materials and UVs also needed several optimizations.

Overall, I’m pleased with the results. I am still transitioning to Unreal Engine; however, I’m focusing on improving my C++ programming skillset – many things have changed since I last wrote in C++.

So, in the meantime, I will continue to play with Unity to develop fun little prototypes to test ideas and concepts.

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Sketchfab Vehicle Details

Link to Collection of Vehicles used in this vehicle.

All Models are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
60s Classic American SUV – Low poly model by Daniel Zhabotinsky
Beetle/Fusca (Version 2) by soujagah
Smart By Material by Beztao centro de diseño
100 Follower Special!!!! by Rice Customs
Gaijin – Datsun 240Z by felipegall
Wall of Cars (Free Raw Scan) by Renafox

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