How Powerful is Physx in Unity?

How Powerful is Physx in Unity?

How Powerful is Physx in Unity? 1920 1080 Studio Tatsu

After exploring my previous prototypes, I noticed something exciting. PhysX in Unity is extremely powerful when you optimize performance and use it correctly. That includes changing substeps, setting sleep values, depenetration management, and more.

Take a look at this vehicle damage and destruction stress test. Before fully implementing the Vehicle Physics, I created this prototype with an older Tatsu Toybox version. Many optimizations to Soft-Mesh and Dynamic Colliders have been updated since this prototype.

As I continue to experiment and evaluate Unreal Engine over the next few months, I plan to compare Unreal Engine’s PhysX performance to Unity’s PhysX performance. Unreal Engine has also started developing its physics library, which will be explored.

Softbody physics versus Soft-Mesh and Dynamic Colliders, the battle continues.

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