Vehicle Damage System

Vehicle Damage System

Vehicle Damage System 2560 1440 Studio Tatsu

So Much Damage!

I have created a working softbody (Soft-Mesh) Vehicle Damage System that works with almost any vehicle in Unity, with minimum setup. I downloaded and imported FREE models from Sketchfab to test stability. Here’s a compilation of damage and destruction.

This system works on PC and Mobile (30 – 60 fps) depending on the vert count. However, there are other things to consider to support the modding community, so I plan to develop a tool to validate the Models for optimal destruction and deformation. Nevertheless, this is a significant milestone for our Softbody Vehicle Physics.

NOTE: The Sketchfab models shown in the video above are not designed for deformation and damage. As a result, some do not have parts like axles, separated lights/doors, trunks, hoods, etc. In addition, the geometry is not optimized for deformation, which causes it to look distorted in some areas. Regardless, the final result works rather well.

All Models are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
Link to Collection of Vehicles used in this vehicle.

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Note: This tech is for internal use; it is currently not for sale or licensing.

  • this looks so awesome great work would love to have for download from unity store to use for upgrade to the vehicle system of the game i play as theres no damage to the vehicles would be a cool feature to add

  • Will there be any updates in the near future

  • Man i wish i could download this because ive been looking for a very good crash physics simulator! 🙁

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