Tatsu Toybox – Vehicles

Tatsu Toybox – Vehicles

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It has been a busy month. I’ve made a lot of progress with the Tatsu Toybox. So far, I’ve created custom wheel colliders, vehicle physics, a vehicle destruction system, and integrated real-time environment destruction and fracturing system. I may use softbody physics similar to BeamNG for vehicle destruction in the next few weeks. However, that may limit the total amount of vehicles supported during gameplay. Currently, it can handle 250 non-destructive vehicles or 150 destructive vehicles at 60+ fps on most machines.

As a programmer and 3d modeler, I designed the vehicle system to create a fully working prototype in less than 5 minutes. I can make a car model OR download it from the Unity asset store, set it up in less than 10 seconds, press play, and drive. As simple as that. This system does everything at runtime. It prepares and organizes all of the components, colliders, and meshes. It reads the sizes of each mesh, then automatically position and size the wheel colliders and the vehicle shape colliders, and sets the width for skid marks and other tire effects.

It also handles brake caliper rotations and nonrotations or any extra wheel extensions. Vehicles have different collision types for performance vs. quality. As I progress, I will share more details about the destruction and the actual workflow. Below is a video of a car set up in 10 seconds with zero configuration. The vehicle physics is still a work in progress, but so far, so good.

Next, I will focus on polishing the vehicle physics and adding particle & sound effects. Thanks for visiting and coming again to see what’s new.

  • When and on what device is this available? looks so cool :)))

    • Thanks. We haven’t announced titles or release dates yet. Our goal is to release games on all platforms once we have a large enough fanbase. Currently, we’re focusing on building the tech for our vehicles. This will help us to develop games at a much faster pace.

  • Is there a spot we can donate to you guys?

    • Thanks, but we can’t accept donations. However, we do accept support by simply spreading the word about us. This will help us once we start releasing titles. Awareness and a good end product is the only way we will succeed. Thanks for your support, it is greatly appreciated. 🙂

      • Hello I saw this add on my Insta Feed, I like where you are going with this product, It is very interesting but very well produced at the same time. I would like to support you with you’re journey to making a game that is hopefully free and very good qaulity. Thanks.

  • What the game?

    • No titles or release dates have not been announced. We are currently working on the vehicle system. The games will come after the vehicle system if complete.

  • The only question is how we’ll be able to use tatsu toybox as an add-on or Unity package to develop our games with your physics engine?

    • Currently, Tatsu Toybox is for internal use only. If there is a high enough demand for it, we may license it to a few approved developers.

  • I love what you’re working on and I really hope you get it out soon Keep up the good work

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